Site Requirements

Self Levelling Legs

The unit rests on 4 self‐levelling legs which take the majority of the weight. Mats are supplied to insert under the legs to dissipate some of the load. There are smaller support legs along the external edge of both extendible pods to improve stability.

The Enigma surgical unit weighs approximately 30 tonnes and it is imperative that your site is capable of supporting it.

Hardstanding Area

This will take the main weight of the unit. An area measuring 7m wide x 14m long must be provided. It must be level with no more than 500mm variation over the full length and 150mm over the full width.

It is suggested that you consult a local engineer or contractor to assess the suitability of the site. For clarification or any concerns about the planned site, please contact us and we will ensure that all issues are resolved.

Enigma unit on site - Pod deployed

Service Area

The measurement of 10m wide x 20m long is recommended to provide full service access to the unit. Pods on both sides of the unit will extend approximately 1.75m each and the rear moulding will lift to form an illuminated canopy which extends 3.50m from the body of the trailer. This area is essential to allow good access to the trailer, enable patient access, servicing of the unit and handling of all clinical products.

Enigma unit drawing - turning circle

Vehicle Access

Adequate space will be required for delivery and siting of the unit. The access way must have a minimum width of 7.2m and a height clearance of 5.0m. The turning circle specification is shown here alongside.

The ground and access way must be able to carry the weight of the trailer and tractor. The weight of the trailer is approximately 30 tonnes.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all access and egress routes for the mobile unit remain clear for delivery and removal of the unit.

Power Requirements


A single electrical power source is required for operation of the system. Ideally the power supply should be on the hospital or host site’s essential power supply but we understand that this is not always possible and a non‐essential supply will not cause any inconvenience for the unit.

The mobile unit is supplied with a 10 metre, 70mm power cable with 5 Pin male Marechal connector.

The power distribution box must contain a 250 amp Marechal female connector and have an IP rating of no less than 67.

The cable is not intended to withstand the wear and tear of traffic passing over it. The customer shall provide necessary protective ramps, catenary systems or other means to protect the cable where it traverses roads or pathways.


The configuration is 3‐Phase 5 wire, wye connection, including neutral and ground conductors (5 wire 3/N/PE AC 400V)

3‐Phase / standard rotation 1,2,3 ‐ Brown, Black, Grey, 240 between neutral and phase to phase 415v.

The customer will be responsible for the provision, installation and maintenance of the requested electricity mains power supply.

Enigma unit on site - Marechal connector

Residual Current Device (RCD)

We recommend that a residual current device is in place for all mobile units using 100 mA with 0.5 time delay settings.

Power Quality

Line Voltage Variation: +/‐ 5% Max

Line Voltage Balance: 2% Between Phases

Frequency Variations: +/‐ 1Hz

Line Transients: +2.5% <5Hz <10Hz per hour

Generator Power Options

If a suitable power supply cannot be made available, we are able to provide a standalone generator and fuel tank to power the mobile units. Additional space will be required for the generators and diesel tanks and access for regular fuelling must be provided. Having the generator and fuel on site will carry with it additional risk and security issues. Please request further information if required.

Other Services

Phone & Data Connections

The Enigma surgical unit will require a data connection if electronic medical records are to be used. It will need to be on the hospital or host site’s switchboard or provided with a dedicated telephone for emergency/resuscitation team purposes.

It is recommended the host site provide a dedicated data line and have a twin RJ45 Cat5e available. The mobile unit is supplied with 2 no. 10 metre Cat5e external grade cables. Clinician’s laptops can then be plugged into the onboard network. 

Provision of a RJ45 cat5e connection phone point is also required. The mobile unit is supplied with a 10 metre Cat5e external grade cable and secondary PBX converter.

Enigma unit on site - data ports


A tap close to the unit’s location is required to provide water for the on‐board air‐ conditioning installation and hand wash basin.

A cold water line with 18.9 litres/min flow rate at 0.30MPa‐0.414MPa (45‐60 psi) will be required. The water source should be no more than 10m away from the mobile unit to ensure that there is no loss of pressure between the source and the mobile.

The mobile unit is supplied with a 19mm (3/4”) diameter 10 metre hose, terminated with a 19mm IPS female threaded connector hose lock. Maximum temperature should not exceed 21.1°C. 

For clarification on any service connection concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to talk through the requirements.


Whilst Enigma Medical Solutions ensures that the unit and any associated equipment are placed in an agreed location, security of these is paramount. There is an onboard alarm system however we strongly advise the customer to provide CCTV which covers all equipment, and include it on any security patrols whilst it is on site. 

Enigma unit on site - Hydraulics


Septic tanks will be provided for the onboard toilet and wash basins. We will make arrangements for it to be serviced by a waste management company in your locality. The tanks have an ultrasonic level monitor, and it is the responsibility of the customer to monitor it and notify the waste management company to empty the tank in a timely manner.

Enigma unit on site - Rear stairs

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